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Attorney Wu Jiayin and Attorney Cheng Qunai from Boss & Young Employed as the Fi...

Release date:2017-05-09

In the morning of May 9, Shanghai Institute of Socialism convened a ceremony for the recruitment of legal counsel. Attorney Wu Jiayin and attorney Cheng Qunai were employed as the first two legal counsels for Shanghai Institute of Socialism and would serve for two years.

In the ceremony, on behalf of Shanghai Institute of Socialism, the deputy-secretary and vice-president Mao Dali signed the contract with attorney Wu Jiayin and attorney Cheng Qunai. After that, Zhou Hanmin, the vice-chairman of Shanghai municipal CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), vice-president of China Democratic National Construction Association, conferred the letter of appointment to these two attorneys.

Both attorney Wu Jiayin and attorney Cheng Qunai are the partners of Boss & Young with rich legal experiences, providing long-term legal services for social groups and institutions. Attorney Cheng Qunai is also a member of China Democratic League. The employment of these two attorneys as the legal advisers of Institute of Socialism will promote its process of legal work and construction of legal system.

Institute of Socialism, established and lead by Communist Party of China, is a political institute with the nature of united front, and a joint party school of the democratic parties and non-party members as well as an important part of the education training system for the party and China’s cadre. It also plays a critical role as the main channel and the main battle field in the training of the non-party representatives.



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